Dear Youth (EXPLICIT​!​!​!​)

by No Small Children

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She's a girl that wasnt a scout It just didnt work out She always loved the punkiest beat There never was a doubt I think it's fair for me to say She likes it wicked loud And hard and fast and straight to the point Sometimes she gets worn out Women delivering rhythm from our souls Some people say that we're wenches, we're bitches Livin' the life, even though we're kind of old It might be true that we're wenches, we're bitches She loves the queers, she'll have a cold beer and stay here til last call She loves to love and hates to hate Thinks marriage is for all She beat the boys and loved the game of little league baseball Her man he loves her all the same He's handsome and he's tall Might disagree if you defend The honor of the game Our words are more that beautiful sounds They represent our name For those who cross the chances are We'll love you all the same We are wiley, wenchy, bitchy, Madonna whorish dames (ha)
Salad 02:58
Out to eat, have some fun, We all sit down and the waiter comes, He talks kinda funny, where's he from, He brings a basket of butter and buns', I want a burger, I want some fries, But I know I cant have it, cause I have big thighs, Gotta be like this til the day I die, Til the day I die, Til the day I die, Ill just have salad til the day I die (8x) , Party in the bathroom with the other girls, Cause thats how we roll in the female world, Gotta balance on your toes when it's time to go, Cause you dont want crabs, everybody know that, Return to the table now, Everybody's happy with their meal they chow, Except for me, Cause I watchin what I eat , Like a rabbit, like a rabbit, Like a f*ckin rabbit
Mystical 03:59
Take off all your dirty clothes, There’s no around to pose for anymore, When your naked and alone, Know that love is mystical, Have you ever come so close, Then you lose just what you cherish most, Don’t feel like your giving in, Know you’ll learn to love again, To love again, You’re more than anything, That anyone says about you, Don’t let them bring you down, Just tturn around and say thank you, Go sit quiet in the rain, If that’s what helps to take away your pain, When your washed up on the shore , Know that love is mystical, Its mystical, Bring comfort to your trembling hands, You’re not alone, You’ll find someone who understands,They’ll guide you home, Your home
I’m irritated, I wanna fight, My TV show’s been cancelled, And my big girl jeans are tight, It’s complicated, it’s kinda cruel, All the crazy comments that I read, On Yahoo News, It’s really stupid, It’s really lame, Its really hateful lazy hopeless, Im so sick of shame, Forgive or forget, the jury’s out, Instead of breakin necks, Out from my chest I’m gonna shout, Whoa. I spend my days making little waves, Causing a ripple effect, it’s just cause and effect, I spend my life taking little bites, Causing a ripple effect, it’s just cause and effect, Except Ill never forget the days I’ve been through, Wont forget you, Crawl out of this hole, put down the sword, And stop pretending that you do this for the Lord, Ill fight you now, you whiney punk, You tell yourself, Ill fight with sticks and stones, I don’t need your help, We run and hide, attracting flies, We practice hat and barricade ourselves within our lies, Forgive or forget, the jury; out, Instead of cracking necks, Out from my chest I’m gonna shout, Whoa
Dear Youth 04:07
Many years, many thorns, Many hopes, many boys, Beaten down just to be born, Finally in a place more warm, Colors jump it’s about time, For early days and sun to shine, Sleep no more cause just outside, A view that took so long to find, Dear Youth, Im good with the way that I am, Who knew, that forty two could be so grand, Ive got no fixer-up boyfriend to hold my hand, I’m in bed before ten you wouldn’t understand, Dear Youth, you got it all wrong, Who knew, that I could ever feel this strong, Ive got a job and a car and a home of my own, Understand my own voice through an honest song, Dear youth, Nothing really just let it go, Breath it in and love it so, Hold it tight and do recall, The way it feels before it falls


This is our first release.


released January 26, 2013

Produced by Lisa Pimentel
Engineered by Lisa Pimentel and Bob Marlette
Mixed by Bob Marlette
C 2012 Pootzakidmusic

NoSmallChildren is…
Lisa Pimentel-vocals and guitars
Nicola B- drums
Joanie Pimentel- bass and backups vocals

Songs written by Lisa Pimentel, except Mystical written by Jill Considine
Recorded and mixed at Blue Room Studios
Mastered by Bob Weitz at Savoy Sound
Drum tracking on 2, 4 and 5 engineered by Darren Elplant at Eggplant Studios
Additional backup vocals by Sheila Melody and Nicola B
Cover photo by Kristin Elizabeth Madrigal
CD art design by Joanie Pimentel

Lisa, Nicola and Joanie would like to dedicate this music to the memory of Jill Considine (AKA Jilly Blackstone) and Laura Greene. xoxoxoxoxo

Thank You…
Bob Marlette, David Berlinsky, Rob Masson, Jackie Subeck, Sheila Melody, Margo Long, Janet MacDonald, Steve Bee, Mike Zwaaf, Somos Mysteriosos, Dudley Toledo, Christina Ownby, Lauren Doran, Matthew Berlinsky, Kristin Madrigal, Scott Brenner, Jeremy Curtis, Dennis Mahon, Melissa Teper, Susan Lutin, Janet King, Terrence Furman, Judith Swack, Al, Anton, Anvil


all rights reserved



No Small Children Los Angeles, California

No Small Children are three rockin chicks from LA that wear pretty dresses on stage and sing songs that make you feel powerful and happy to be where you are...

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