Trophy Wife

by No Small Children

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To be like this a youthful heart Glorious a humble start Meandering a weary soul Wandering to avoid the cold Staggering from time to time Sometimes even wane my shine Fall get up and try again Over and over I feel the bend And Ill live, breath, get up, fall And Ill trust love, get up fall And Ill live free, get up fall I might get up slow, but I'll get up To be like this or not like that Be still observe the others chat I think my thoughts have become fat But not exactly too exact Change my mind as words can do Change your mind I hope to do Our opinions like a screw Might penetrate what we've been through And Ill live, breathe, get up, fall And Ill trust love, get up fall And Ill live free, get up fall I might get up slow, but I'll get up
Can't Say No 03:13
Out of control, shut me down before me head explodes Oh, I suppose that I should know, what I should know by now Keep polite and wait my turn, sleepless nights, I toss and burn Maybe I’m just afraid I’ll never learn *Cause I can say no… I’ve done it again, extend myself beyond what I intend A brilliant plan, but stretched too thin How long can I pretend Everything to everyone, I have no life, but I’ll get it done Sometimes it really sucks to give a damn ‘Cause I can’t say no…
KMA 03:01
Late bloomer, straight shooter, if she knew what she knows now Can’t fool her, way cuter, now that she knows how Can’t stop her, big knockers, take off without a care ‘Cause she’s really tough and she’ll shake it up, with her Suzi Quatro hair She’ll let go, she won’t care, she’ll mix it up, she’ll fight fair Won’t make a fuss, take off the mask, this late bloomer says *You can kiss my ass… Late talker, no shocker, took a while to read the signs But she’ll go boldly, and she’ll speak coldly, like you gotta do sometimes A bite, a slice, the stage feels nice, she’s got this, doesn’t need advice This punk-rock chick has paid the price, a little late, but that’s all right
Dive bars, dinner tables, dances, greasy diners Across the seas, the Philippines and up to China From The Bayou, Serengeti, down to Guatemala Sit down, shut up, no one likes a whiner Good sex, upset, Im tired, you bet Jump high, no net, Han Solo Bobophet Big mouth, big head, big money, you’re dead FU FU FU in any language Rockin The Stated, from LA to Carolina Sister sucker punch, sulkin with a shiner Ping-pong, pick up game, party on the plaza Pissed off, shut up, no one likes a whiner
Back To Bed 03:20
Anything but an open book, scratchy cover, hard to look Playing heroes on TV, broken story, every week He thinks you think that he doesn’t know, fear of fear, quietly suppose Drags his feet as he steps ahead, just get home and back to bed From behind my bedroom door Ill spy To make sure you will stay nearby, that you will stay nearby And I’ll rant and rave and scream and cry But I don’t really wanna die, I don’t really want to die Garbage day, he throws away all the stench of his past mistakes Heavy hand-me-downs fall off, stripped away his heart unlocks He thinks about all the things he thinks, life, love, loss, the kitchen sink Many pages left to write, and open book with kindred sight
Even though you drive me crazy, even though your breath is bad Even though you’re kinda lazy, and you east too fast Even when you're condescending, and everything I do, it makes you sick And when it's obvious you're not listening, you act like such a prick *Baby I love you even though. Baby I love you even though Baby I love you even though, You make me crazy And when you criticize my driving, it drives me totally insane Although you're gray and kinda balding, and your shirt has tons of stains And when you need to pull your pants up, cause your ass is hanging out so far My love for you is blind, cause down deep. I know you are a star Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad
Feet gonna stand here solid, flat gonna keep my balance ON the ground I walk on, FLOOR gonna keep my balance Feel I just go with the flow so I can feel my freedom Flowing though my bones I’m gonna keep my feet Gonna stand here solid flat gonna keep my balance on the ground I walk on floor gotta keep my Gotta keep my balance, gotta keep my balance *Thank you my best friend when I wanna pack it in Thank God you extend your hand when I done belly land Again, Music thank you Amen, you’re my bookends when I couldn’t keep it in Thank God you extended your hand when I done belly land, again Music thank you Hope gonna keep my head up high, even when I’m losing faith is gonna be Ok, Gotta keep my balance, Feel I just go with the flow So I can feel my rhythm flowing through my bones When I fall I gotta hold on to my last chance, gotta hold on with my free hand Gotta hold on to my balance ‘cause music will come
Squish it down, seal it up, hold it deep inside my gut That thing I wish I could forget, regret I wish I could forget Ill throw it out, onto the floor, Ill scream it out, "I am a whore" I used to care, but not any more My bangs I cut them so I can see, that I need glasses almost free The hardest part to cut the cord, afraid of what I’m not too sure I'll throw it out into the trash, Ill scream it out It's about time, but I aint comin' back *I used to beat myself up about it, make my mind up and then I'd doubt it But now I let it go I used to get my panties in a bunch about it, my heart it felt so crowded But now I let it go *Let it go Exploding hearts, exploding thought, racing though and running hot I couldn't stop, it hurt a lot, the clots and knots, I knocked them out Juggernaut of roll and rock, I kicked I fought, pissed off a lot But now I’m just not
Never been one to like long boring stories, I'm worried, at forty I can tell you that I've heard a few And I’m just a little bit worried, that it all this drunken glory I might come off as a little rude We all just wanna get loose sometimes, kick a few back so we unwind Chat it up, meet a friend, ‘cause maybe it's the weekend Then somebody gets the wrong idea, thinks that they're being so sincere But I'm out-a here, she's out-a here, we're out-a here *Drunk creepy guy, with that sexy look in your eye Might run the other way. or tell ya that I'm gay Drunk creepy grin, had a little bit too much gin Just threw up in my mouth a little bit, I don't mean to be a jerk But you can't take a hint Never been one to like arrogant bullies, I'm worried, the fury That this song might create a few And even though you’re nice, you kinda give me the willies And it might be kinda silly, but this conversation is through We all just wanna get loose sometimes, kick a few back so we unwind Chat it up, meet a friend, 'cause maybe it's the weekend Then somebody gets the wrong idea, thinks that they’re being so sincere
People listen to me soft and distant While I catch my breath, I wonder what comes next Things keep hooking me in, I ‘ll step, I’ll dance, look within I guess Ill wait for the waves, to come my way Love a parade, Illuminate in energetic ways So the beat goes on, and I’m happy Delivering a rhythm that is driven from within A complicated system, a condition of the wind, La la la.. *Survivor face, such a lonesome place, be bold, be smart, be cool, be great But from time to time, my heart still breaks, just be all I can see, It’ only me in here The faster I run, the harder I fall, the bigger I bet, the chance Ill lose it all I trip on a twig, that I saw before, but it’s grown over time and shut my door Snap a shot quick, while I’m still standing tall For proof that Lisa was here, before she forgets it all Ill listen, I’ll guess, which note comes next, yes I’m wicked wicked tired but I’ll sleep when I’m dead




released March 22, 2014


Lisa Pimentel-vocals/guitars/horns
Joanie Pimentel- vocals/bass
Nicola Berlinsky- drums

Produced by Lisa Pimentel
Engineered by Lisa Pimentel and Bob Marlette
Additional engineering by Christina Ownby and Joanie Pimentel
Mixed by Bob Marlette
Mastered by Paul Logus
Executive Producer- Bob Marlette
Recorded at Blue Room Studios, Woodland Hills CA
Protools editing Lisa Pimentel
BR Assistant and additional Protools editing Chris Marlette

Cover Photos by Marjorie Salvaterra
Cover design by Joanie Pimentel

@Copyright- 2014

"Get-Up Slow Choir" David Berlinsky, Chris Marlette, Emily Marlette, Pinhead Gotti, Christina Ownby, Devon Murdoch, Brooklyn Gardley, Bob Marlette

"FU and Music Thank You Choirs" George Rojas, Marlon Centeno, Paul and Sandra Pimentel, June Furman, David Berlinsky, Nicola Berlinsky, Sheila Melody

"Drunk Creepy Guy Choir" Rob Goldman, Caitlyn Goldman, Bob Marlette, Chris Marlette, Justin Joyce, Jasmine Betancourt, Sahaj and Kira Ticoten, Ron Gales, Andrea Fields

Thank You
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No Small Children Los Angeles, California

No Small Children are three rockin chicks from LA that wear pretty dresses on stage and sing songs that make you feel powerful and happy to be where you are...

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